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Personal Cinema in IBUSUKI

Your memories of Ibusuki will come to life in the form of a movie!
Just as each person has a life of his or her own, the reasons for traveling also vary. Why don't you make an original short movie of your Ibusuki trip in which you are the main character? We can create a scenario together, and you can also enjoy the travel footage in a fictional setting. We will produce a reasonable yet time-consuming video that can be appreciated as a work of art by incorporating drone footage of Ibusuki that you have taken and natural flowers and seasonal scenes as materials. If you upload the video to the Internet, your family and friends who are far away can also view it.
We are the ones who actually make TV commercials, promotional videos, and introductory videos as a profession, and we use professional equipment for shooting and editing, so you will have a lifetime of memories with high quality footage. We will deliver you a high-quality documentary as one of our creations.

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